Shell Extrude Modifier

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Works on Maya 2018 and above

script that creates a panel extrude of selected mesh with procedural beveling.

this script is a automation of what is shown in the quick tip video Shell modifier without plugin. This is just a barebones script with basic functions.


Returning Users

Right Click on old VectorExtrudeButton on shelf > click edit> replace the original script with new v1.1 script by copying the text in script into Command section> Save All Shelves

New Users

copy script into script editor> select and highlight code> drag and drop onto shelf to create button.

icon used extendSurface.png from maya default icon library.



Click Shelf Button> UI pops up> select mesh> click "Add Vector Extrude Modifier" button> Extrude modifier is added and you can continue to make edits on original mesh

Parent checkbox -- this option will allow the shellExtruded mesh to follow the original mesh

Keep Original -- will keep original mesh when vector extrude is baked.

Bevel On/Off -- toggles the bevel function on or off

Sliders - tweaks the vectorExtrude of the current mesh selected. will update based on current selection. Keep in mind that it currently works on Single mesh selections.


select mesh> run script> creates a extrude shell with live connection to the original mesh> now you can continue to do edits to the original mesh

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Shell Extrude Modifier

2 ratings
I want this!