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Release 2.3 (LATEST)

For those of you who already have version 2 and above. please replace the KTpolyPanelExtract.mel from KTpolyPanelExtract2.3.zip into your script folder.


- option to auto uv on shell.

-----UI updates-----

- All tweaks in Panel Tweak Editor is now real-time update

- Closing Tweak window clears history now

- Added thickness option now

- Ability to Reset Values in Panel Tweak window


- Fixed bug of selecting other meshes after creation

- Fixed bug of wrong faces being used for Shell creation

- Fixed issue of round corner preset failing on meshes with no corner edges

Maya 2018 +

MEL script for Extracting panels from face selections.

Why its useful?

-it helps speeds up the process of creating panels easily with few clicks.

-Handles complex geometry as well.

-Great for Hard Surface models.

All future updates are provided free of charge


Geo might need some manual cleanup afterwards depending on mesh complexity of original mesh. Works best for geo that doesn't have thin support edges already.

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